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Word Processing I (MS Word) -- BCIS 1405

Course Description

This course is designed to teach basic word processing techniques using Microsoft Word. Students will learn how to write and respond to business correspondence, how to use desktop publishing features, how to format reports, and how to create tables. Students will also learn how to use MSWord templates, styles and mail merge. Students should already know how to touch keyboard. Following the completion of the course, students will be able to use the MS Word application for personal and business use.

Credit: 2 semester hours   |   Prerequisite: BCIS 1900 or Keyboarding I

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Utilize a word processing application effectively and creatively for personal and business use
  2. Demonstrate marketable skills for enhanced employment opportunities
  3. Design and produce word processing documents, including editing, processing, storing and printing
  4. Save, rename, retrieve and duplicate word processing documents and files
  5. Proofread word processing documents, spotting and correcting grammatical and typing errors before submission
  6. Create well-balanced and attractive pages that will be easily read by the intended audience
  7. Add graphics to word processing documents and set the text to flow evenly and attractively around the graphics
  8. Attach word processing files to e-mails
  9. Demonstrate the use of MS Word report styles
  10. Align a page horizontally and vertically and explain when it is appropriate to use these special features
  11. Copy information from the Internet into a word processing document and edit
  12. Follow oral and written instructions, and work under pressure to complete assignments on time

Outcomes Assessment

Students must demonstrate skills and knowledge by actually performing word processing functions through homework, assessments, class participation, written examinations and computer exercises. When students can perform the word processing procedures on their own under pressure, and pass the tests, they will have learned the concepts.

Student Test

Click to open a Word Processing test (in PDF format).

Note: Set your browser to allow pop-ups or hold down the CTRL key when you click the link.

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