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Business English & Communications -- BUSN 2030

Course Description

This course is required for students working towards an AAS degree in Business Administration.

Business English & Communications is designed to give students the knowledge and opportunity to write clear, concise, and correct business correspondence. This course focuses on common forms of business writing including sales letters, memos, proposals, and reports. Electronic communication is studied, including business e-mail and attachments. Students create a PowerPoint presentation. The proper format of business writing is stressed, with emphasis on proofreading and sending "mistake-free" correspondence.

Credit: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Introductory English Composition and Word Processing courses

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the communication process and explain common causes of miscommunication
  2. Write letters appropriate for the business world, including determining the purpose, analyzing the audience, organizing thoughts, and constructing a draft
  3. Proofread, edit and polish business letters
  4. Produce attractive business letters, using appropriate letter styles and formatting
  5. Describe the purpose and process of direct writing, including how and when to use direct openings
  6. Demonstrate how to deliver bad news, including writing neutral statements, indirect openings, and appropriate closings
  7. Demonstrate how to use persuasive writing, including promotion and collection letters
  8. List the important points about composing and responding to business memos
  9. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Electronic Mail and Electronic Memo protocol, business rules and Netiquette
  10. Select a template and write a short business report
  11. Explain the importance and process for preparing and delivering oral presentations
  12. Create and use a PowerPoint presentation for delivery to a group

Outcomes Assessment

Students must demonstrate skills and knowledge by following directions from teacher handouts and textbook exercises. These assignments include editing and rewriting documents for clarity, diction, and meaning; formatting documents according to specific document function; copying information and links from the Internet to Word documents; sending E-mails with attachments; writing memos; creating a PowerPoint presentation; and demonstrating a workable knowledge of MSWord. When students can create, edit and/or format documents according to directions and within time constraints, create a business PowerPoint presentation, and pass class exams, they will have learned the concepts.

Student Test

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