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Price, Utah

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Online Training
Web-based Training and other Multimedia


At one time I had ten multimedia files posted on this page and all the files opened and played. Unfortunately, they were all Flash files and Adobe Flash is no longer supported on the Internet.    :-(

Since none of the files will load or play from the website anymore, I removed the links.

Macromedia & Adobe Flash - Quiz, flowchart, splash screens, and photo movies
ViewletBuilder - Excel Lesson and Quiz
Camtasia - Software demonstration with audio
FlashForm - nothing posted yet
Adobe Captivate - Online quiz, interactive lesson, and converted PPT presentation
Flash Slideshow Maker - Two photo slideshows with captions and music

I also have a large website with tips and pointers for people wanting to build their own Online Training. The link to that site was posted here. However, the website host no longer displays the subdomain (don't know why), which was:

Had I world enough and time, I would rebuild these websites and pages.   8-}