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Advanced HTML and JavaScript -- BCIS 2300

Course Description

This Web site authoring course is designed to teach students how to use some advanced techniques to design Web sites, including CSS, tables, and frames. Graphics content, layout and aesthetics will be stressed, and multimedia functions will be examined and discussed. Students will upload a Web page containing a Flash movie. Students are expected to already have an existing Web site that they can use for this class.

DHTML and Active X will be examined. Javascript will be used to enhance Web page functionality and appearance and to create user interaction. Web-based forms and data collection Web pages will be created and used.

Credit: 2 semester hours    
Prerequisites: Computer Literacy class or equivalent computer experience PLUS
BCIS 1300 or Web page authoring experience.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Use Thumbnail graphics to save page loading time
  2. Determine whether to use .gif, .jpg, or .png graphics on a page and explain why
  3. Hand code a table
  4. Describe the difference between sites created with tables and those created with frames; explain at least one advantage of each format
  5. Add a style to the HEAD of a Web page
  6. Add a style to an existing Cascading StyleSheet
  7. Attach a Flash movie to a page and upload the page and movie to a Web site
  8. Describe an advantage and disadvantage of using DHTML and Active X
  9. Explain what CGI is and how it is used
  10. Briefly explain the difference between HTML and JavaScript
  11. Find and utilize JavaScript applets from the Internet
  12. Use JavaScript to create a mouse rollover effect
  13. Use JavaScript to determine the size of an opening Web page window
  14. Demonstrate the ability for troubleshooting and editing Web pages
  15. Complete in-class assignments within specific time periods
  16. Follow oral and written instructions

Outcomes Assessment

Students must demonstrate advanced Web page building skills by performing required tasks. Students are expected to know HTML well enough to hand-code their Web pages. Flash movies and DHTML code will be given to students to add to their pages. Students will demonstrate that they know how to locate JavaScript applets on the Internet and use them on their Web site. Students are expected to pass the class exams, which will consist of both written tests and assigned activities. When students can perform the Web site assignments on their own within a given time frame, and upload and edit their work, they will have learned the concepts.

Student Test

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