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A Computing Cat

The Photo Diary of a Cat Who Likes Computers

Fluffy is a sullen Silver Tabby / Maine Coon mix. He was born in August on the Navajo Reservation near Canyon de Chelly in northern Arizona. When Fluffy was eleven months old he moved with his owner to southeastern Utah.

Fluffy behind Mouse

Fluffy was a "child" prodigy. He took a strong interest in computers when he was just a kitten.

As you can see, he was not much larger than the mouse.

Fluffy eagerly attended to his
computer lessons, studying daily
on a compact Macintosh,
a Color Classic II.
Fluffy at Macintosh
Fluffy sitting in front of Macintosh Fluffy was such an avid student,
that he and his owner had to work out a schedule for sharing computer time until they could get a second computer.

In this photo, Fluffy is about seven months old and still lives in Arizona.
Here is Fluffy at age three, resting under a desk lamp while waiting his turn to use the new computer.

The flourescent desk lamp always
gave his long hair a green tint.
Fluffy asleep under lamp by computer
Fluffy by Printer

Fluffy at age five, anxiously waiting for his latest graphic to print.

He seems quite content with the office equipment he shares with his owners. He now lives in southeastern Utah.

By the time Fluffy turned ten, he
had his own space at the
computer station.

Note the grey tabby wallpaper
on the monitor.

(This is Fluffy in his summer coat.)

Fluffy by Computer XP

Now middle aged, Fluffy could stand to lose a little weight. However, like many computer users, Fluffy has a difficult time getting enough exercise.

In this photo, Fluffy is being greeted
by one of his computer buddies.
Bob refers to the computing cat
as "Mr. Fluff."

(This is Fluffy in his winter coat.)

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