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Computer Lab and Student Photos

School Computer Lab in Northern Arizona


After installing and networking this Macintosh computer lab, I created lessons to teach computer skills to all of the students in the school. Along with keyboarding and word processing, students learned how to create computer drawings, combine graphics and text, and type in the Navajo font.

This computer lab performed well for the students, and they enjoyed their computer classes. For most students, this was their only exposure to computers. Some students didn't even have electricity in their homes.

(Note: Those are keyboard covers resting atop the monitors.)

The 3rd and 4th grade students below are thoroughly engrossed
in their computer lessons. Once a week they file into the computer lab, where they spend 20 minutes practicing keyboarding, 20 minutes on a structured lesson, and rest of the hour playing educational computer games, like Word Munchers.

The 1st grade student below is using the mouse to complete a dot-to-dot exercise. These 2nd grade students are taking their completed lessons (printed in color) back to their home room.

These 8th grade students are adding graphics to their text assignments. After completing assignments, students could play educational games.
Students used headphones when they played educational games like Number Munchers so
that the noisy munching sound effects wouldn't bother their neighbors.

These 3rd Grade students loved their lab time. Note the camera-shy student holding the keyboard cover up to her face.

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