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Graduate Courses - MS/CIS Curriculum
Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems

The MS/CIS graduate program from the University of Phoenix teaches key IT concepts, including CIS project design, project management, teamwork, IS security, risk management, and business communication.
COMM/205 Writing for the Professions
CIS/319 Computers and Information Processing
POS/429 Programming Concepts
  CMGT/575 CIS Project Management
  CMGT/574 CIS Business Communications
  POS/568 Operating Systems
  TCM/537 Networks / Data Communications I
  TCM/538 Networks / Data Communications II
  CSS/553 Software Engineering
  CSS/558 Database Concepts I
  CSS/559 Database Concepts II
  CMGT/576 Programming Management
  CMGT/577 CIS Business Financial Management
  CMGT/578 CIS Strategic Planning
  CMGT/579 CIS Risk Management
  CMGT/580 CIS Contracts, Ethics & Intellectual Property
  CMGT/581 CIS Organization & Management
  CSS/586 Information Technology Application Project
        Our 1999 commencement exercises were held in San Francisco.
        Graduation Day was the first time most online students met their classmates.
    Graduating Classmates

Here I am with some of my UoPhx classmates.

From my home in Utah, I worked on graduate projects with Jodie from Pennsylvania, Steve from Rhode Island, and Richard, who lived in Saudi Arabia at the time.

We finally met at graduation and we still keep in touch.


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