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Moab, Utah

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SPACE: Nebula Photos - 20 telescope photos of giant nebula - which are light years across - resized to create a movie with photo titles and music: 1 1/2 minutes long (3 MB).
Note: In the movie, if you don't see photo titles, slide your mouse over the movie to activate them.

Auto Tour through Arches - 35 photos of Arches National Park, 5 miles north of Moab, Utah; the movie contains photo titles and music: 3 1/2 minutes long (7 MB).
Note: This movie opens in a new HTML page. If you don't see titles above the photos, slide your mouse over the side of the movie.

Glass Nail Files from Czechslovakia - 16 photos of Blazek glass files: 1 1/4 minutes (380 Kb) - this is one of three movies created for the Czech Crystal website